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Holzhauer, Boettcher Returning to 'Jeopardy!' With Tournament of Champions


Jeopardy! superstar James Holzhauer will have a chance for redemption in the syndicated game show’s upcoming Tournament of Champions, airing for 10 days November 4-15, 2019.

Holzhauer and the woman who defeated him, Emma Boettcher, both will compete in a 15-player field that also includes Josh Hill, Ryan Fenster, Kyle Jones, Rob Worman, Alan Dunn, Steve Grade, Eric R. Backes, Anneke Garcia, Lindsey Schultz, Gilbert Collins, Rachel Lindgren, Dhruv Gaur and Francois Barcomb.

Of those players, Holzhauer earned by far the most money across his 32-game streak, taking in a total of $2,462, 216 over the course of his run. Boettcher, who defeated Holzhauer in Final Jeopardy! in an episode that aired June 3, went on to win only $97,002 comparatively, making her the 13th highest-winning contestant over the past season. Josh Hill was second to Holzhauer with $163,721. Gaur and Barcomb each won $100,000 as the respective winners of the college tournament and the teachers’ tournament.

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The competitors will face off for a $250,000 grand prize.

Jeopardy! begins its 36th season on Monday, Sept. 9. It’s produced by Sony Pictures Television and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Harry Friedman executive produces and Alex Trebek hosts.