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On hold: FCC inquiry into cathedral sex contest

Despite the media hullabaloo over New York shock jocks' on-air coverage of
a couple having sex in New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Federal
Communications Commission has not yet launched a formal indecency investigation.

The agency has received more than 200 electronic-mailed complaints about the
broadcast, but no inquiry can begin until a formal request for investigation is
received from someone who actually heard the station's coverage and can provide
a tape, transcript, or sufficiently accurate excerpt.

Nearly all of the communications reviewed by FCC staff so far are from
individuals who learned about the incident through press accounts.

If a formal complaint is mailed in, it may be weeks before the commission starts a

Since last fall's anthrax attacks, any mail to the FCC is fumigated and
inspected at an off-site facility before being transported to the commission.

Infinity Broadcasting Corp.'s WNEW(FM) suspended the hosts and producer of the
Opie and Anthony Show for the cathedral sex stunt.

Democratic FCC commissioner Michael Copps has called for an
investigation and said his colleagues should consider revoking WNEW's license.