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Hispanic groups challenge NBC's triopoly

Several Hispanic organizations are asking federal judges to accelerate NBC's
deadline for selling one of its three Los Angeles TV stations.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition and others charged in a lawsuit that the Federal Communications Commission's reasons for granting NBC an
extra six months to make a sale were either racist or irrelevant.

NBC acquired KVEA(TV) and KWHY-TV when it purchased Spanish-language network
Telemundo Communications Group Inc. in April. The network already owned KNBC-TV.

Owners in big markets are limited to two stations, and the FCC typically
allows six months for divestitures when mergers violate ownership limits. NBC,
however, received 12 months on grounds that the Telemundo stations'
Spanish-language focus deserved special treatment.

The commission also reasoned that recent relaxation of duopoly restrictions
demonstrated that restricting multiple local ownership is no longer a priority
and that there was no urgency in this case because the three stations account
for less than 20 percent of the market's advertising revenue.

NBC said it will sell KWHY.