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Hispanic Group Backs XM/Sirius Merger

The Hispanic Chambers of Commerce says it supports the merger of XM and Sirius.

“With expanded choices and better prices, satellite radio will be an even more attractive option for consumers, and this ultimately benefits our Chamber members and the two-million Latino-owned businesses in the U.S.” said chamber president Alfred Placeres. “Our community is more informed and better prepared to make important business decisions as a result.”

That means the deals supporters have found ammunition in a couple of chambers. The National Black Chamber of Commerce () has also said it supports the deal, arguing that the companies have have promised more opportunities for African American programmers as well as more shows and lower prices.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has said the deal has a pretty high hurdle to overcome in the FCC's earlier decision that one company should not own both satellite licenses. The National Association of Broadcasters has also put up quite a fight against the deal, which it says will create a monopoly in national service.

Another hurdle is the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee, whose chairman has said the deal would create a monopoly .