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Hindery Isn't Game for Baseball

For a guy running a sports network, Leo Hindery didn’t like to go to baseball games.

Ever since he was tapped to launch the New York Yankees’ YES Network, he has deflected our inquiries about his devotion to the game.

When he was running his own cable company in San Francisco or TCI and AT&T Broadband in Denver, we don’t recall his ever mentioning baseball. Car racing? Endlessly. (Hindery races the Porsche 911 professionally.)

But Hindery is resigning from YES, having won a brutal distribution fight with Cablevision Systems.

Now he admits to watching lots of baseball on TV but rarely attended games before working for George Steinbrenner. "I don’t like crowds," Hindery explains.

Rest easy. As YES chairman, at least for now, the Yankees give him the highest-class box seats.