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Heroes Could Get a CBS Welcome

CBS has scheduled A Hero’s Welcome as a one-off special for July 4, but the show could pop up again on the network if it can capture enough viewers on a traditionally sleepy night for television.

The show recreates the story of regular people who have done heroic acts such as saving someone else’s life, then reunites the two parties. Patrick Duffy is onboard to host the special.

According to co-creator Arthur Smith, the show was originally developed as a series, but was bought as a one-off after CBS passed on it for the fall.

"This was always intended to air, it was a way of doing a back-door pilot," says Smith, also an executive producer of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen. "We knew we weren’t going to get on in the fall, they told us that. If it does well, I’m sure we’ll do more of them, either as specials or even a series. At least that’s what they told us."