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A Healthy 'Shelf' Life

Editor: Despite the fact you gave our competition the headline, I enjoyed Michael Malone's article about the Fort Wayne television market (“Holding Down the Fort.” Aug. 25, p. 13). WANE is a formidable competitor and they continue to do a good job.

Buried in the quote by Jerry Giesler [general manager of Granite Broadcasting's WISE] is an amazing story about our overall aggregation of “eyeballs” in that market. While we never miss the opportunity to brag in any of our markets about being No. 1 in Nielsen ratings, the reality is that our relevance to viewers and advertisers has become so much more about being timely, effective, relevant and ubiquitous in this continuously and rapidly fragmenting media world. Thus, the overarching rationale behind our new news brand spread across multiple channels and our continuous efforts to put our content on more and more “shelf space.”

Don Cornwell


Granite Broadcasting

New York