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Haystack News Launching Pop-Up Channels on Guns, Olympics, Space

Haystack News Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Olympics
Haystack News is launching a channel dedicated to space and Jeff Bezos' flight (Image credit: Haystack News)

Ad-supported streaming service Haystack News is launching pop-up channels in July focusing on the issue of gun violence, the Olympic Games and the launch of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin flight into space.

“These are remarkable times we are living in and Haystack News is proud to be the most innovative news platform of choice for our growing user base. Haystack’s July channels will highlight the tragedy and triumph of our times, covering the wonderment of space exploration, the Olympic spirit, and the scourge of gun violence in the United States,” said Daniel Barreto, co-founder and CEO of Haystack TV.

The Gun Violence in America channel is slated to run from Monday to July 19 looking at how communities are tackling the problem as crime rises in the summer.

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics channel also launches Monday and will present local U.S. TV station coverage of competing athletes before, during and after the games.

The Blue Origin First Space Passenger Space Flight channel will be on the service July 19 and 20 as the billionaire launches himself into the sky. The channel also marks National Space Exploration Day and the 52d anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.