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Harry Shearer Departing ‘The Simpsons’

Harry Shearer, the voice of Simpsons characters Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner (and many others), is leaving the animated comedy.

Shearer tweeted on his departure Thursday morning, which was due to an unresolved contract dispute.

“From James L. Brooks' lawyer: ‘show will go on, Harry will not be part of it, wish him the best.’. (1/2),” Shearer tweeted. “This because I wanted what we've always had: the freedom to do other work. Of course, I wish him the very best. (2/2)”

Earlier this month, Fox announced it had renewedThe Simpsons for two more seasons, its 27th and 28th seasons.

Shearer later tweeted thanks to Simpsons fans.

The Simpsons executive producers James L. Brooks, Matt Groening and Al Jean confirmed the departure in a statement, “Harry Shearer was offered the same deal the rest of the cast accepted, and passed. The show will go on and we wish him well. Maggie took it hard.”