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Halpern Re-elected at CPB

Cheryl Halpern was re-elected chairman of the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which administers the funding allocated by Congress for public broadcasting.

While her election was by general consensus, there was no consensus on who should be vice chairman. After three ballots there was a deadlock on the race between incumbent Gay Hart Gaines and Elizabeth Courtney.

Both Halpern and Gaines were prominent Republicans tapped by former Chairman Ken Tomlinson.

Elizabeth Courtney came from the station ranks and is former chairman of the Association of Public Stations, which has been pushing for changes to board leadership, including more representation from the station ranks, to depoliticize it after the heavy criticism of Tomlinson's efforts to add more conservative programming to balance what he saw as a liberal bias.

Gaines will continue to serve until a majority vote for either, which will have to come at a future board meeting.