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Hallmark picks up Touched

Hallmark Channel acquired rights to CBS drama Touched by an Angel.

Hallmark will air about 200 library episodes, as well as new Touched
episodes after they play on CBS.

Hallmark is subleasing the series from Pax TV, which airs its last episode Sept. 5.

The series debuts on Hallmark Sept. 16, the same night it debuts new
syndicated reality show Life Moments.

Hallmark also recently acquired the M*A*S*H library.

Paxson said it needs the schedule room to ramp up original production on the

Already joining the network in the fall are Body and Soul, starring
Peter Strauss; Just Cause (Richard Thomas and Elizabeth Lackey); Sue
Thomas: F.B.Eye
(Deanne Bray); Young Blades and a number of
original made-fors, including six Mary Higgins Clark movies.