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Hack is CBS's Philly stake

Hack writer (not to be confused with "hack writer") and creator David Koepp says filming his new cop-turned-taxi driver/crime fighter series in Philadelphia was worth the additional expense of a location shoot.

'We all liked how it felt in Philadelphia,' he told TV critics in Los
Angeles. 'Too many shows are set in New York right now.'

It also helps that it is the home of star David Morse, who returns to series
television in the lead role in the CBS series.

Morse's character in Hack, an ex-cop who has been expelled from the
force for stealing money from a crime scene, is forced to drive a cab to make a

The resulting character is dark and not always so likeable, but, Koepp says:
'I like characters where you aren't sure whether you like him or not, just as
long as he is interesting.'

Morse, who starred in hospital drama St. Elsewhere, says he didn't
like being so closely identified with one character.

But Morse found his Hack role complex enough to remain interesting should the
series run for several years.

Morse also wanted work that would keep him at home and close to his family.
Hack will air Fridays at 9 p.m. on CBS.