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Gustav May Throw Wrench In RNC Coverage Plans

Broadcast and cable networks may have to rethink their Republican convention coverage plans.

 Joanna Burgos, a spokesman for the Republican National Convention, confirms that organizers are monitoring Hurricane Gustav and could delay the start of the convention depending on how it impacts the U.S.

 She said that, as of now, it is a go for a Monday start as planned and that there was no deadline for making that call. "Whenever we feel that we have to," she said.

She pointed out that Senator McCain is sensitive to the situation, and pointed out that he had postponed his 2000 announcement as a candidate because of crisis in the Balkans. But she said that as of now, the plan was to "go through everything as planned."

 The Hurricane is currently predicted by some models to increase to category three strength and strike just west of New Orleans, though that track could obviously change.

 "No one is better prepared to cover both the RNC and any other potential breaking news than the networks of NBC News," said NBC in a statement. "With our network programs and correspondents, MSNBC, our preliminary agreement with The Weather Channel and Weather Plus, we have a wealth of resources available to us if needed."

A CBS spokeswoman echoed that, saying there coverage teams for both the convention and the storm--three teams, more coming in on Sunday were in place. "We are fully prepared," she said. 

 An ABC News spokeswoman had no comment, but said that the network would have a better handle on a possible plan B for Republican convention coverage by the end of the day.