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Guba Slashes Prices

Online video portal Guba is cutting the price of its TV shows and movies, aiming to endear itself to web consumers by breaking the pricing mold it and most other sites have held.
The site, which offers library TV content from both Warner Bros. and Sony, is dropping the price of TV show episodes from $1.79 each to $0.49. That's about a quarter of the standard $1.99 per episode fee that iTunes and other TV download sites charge.

Guba is also dropping the price of the movies it sells. Older movies that had gone for $9.99 will now sell for $4.99. New movies, released the same day as their DVDs hit stores, had gone for $19.99 and will now sell for $9.99.

 San Francisco-based Guba, founded in 1998, offers both sales and rentals for play on computers, but cannot be burned to DVDs.