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GUBA Goes Sub Hunting

Online Video streaming site GUBA is putting a 25-cent bounty on new sign-ups.

If a Web page. blog, or just a busy e-mailer, refers surfers to GUBA, those surfers will get a cookie that will credit the referrer with a quarter if the surfer signs up for an account within 30 days.

There will be no limit on the number of payouts, says the company.

GUBA is trying to drive traffic to a library boosted by recent content deals.  Last month,  GUBA ( struck a deal for 100 movies from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, including Spider-Man 2, Memoirs of a Geisha and classic Bridge on the River Kwai.

The deal will expand to 500 titles, including day and date release, within a year. A Sony spokeswoman had not returned a call at press time.

GUBA also has a deal for Warner Bros. product.