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Group presses for anti-Sinclair ruling

The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition is pressing the FCC to expedite a ruling in a
long-pending examination of ties between African-American-owned station group
Glencairn Ltd. and its programming partner Sinclair Broadcast Group.

The civil rights group claims that the two companies have mislead the FCC
about their relationship and that Sinclair is the defacto owner of seven
Glencairn stations.

Such a ruling would place Sinclair in violation of the FCC's ownership

Civil rights groups have long complained that Sinclair's local marketing
agreements with Glencairn have allowed the Baltimore-based station group to
skirt federal ownership limits intended to promote diversity in the broadcast

As additional evidence Rainbow/PUSH pointed to an Aug. 13 ad in
Broadcasting & Cable in which Sinclair counts Glencairn stations in
its stable.