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Grassley wants answers from FBI, Customs

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has demanded some answers from the FBI
and the U.S. Customs Service over the September seizure of an overnight package containing
unclassified documents sent between two Associated Press bureaus by reporters
working on a story on terrorism.

In a letter sent last week to FBI director Robert Mueller and Customs commissioner Robert Bonner, Grassley said the bureau "may have overstepped its bounds by improperly seizing private property to censor and stymie the media."

Customs took possession of the package (sent between Manila, Philippines, and Washington, D.C.) during a routine spot check and turned it over to the FBI, which held it "without a warrant or notification," according to AP.

Grassley gave the pair until April 11 to explain,
including any relevant documentation, "why the package was seized and kept, why
no warrant was sought or obtained, and why no notification was made to the AP."