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Grass Makes HD Greener

Grass Valley took advantage of the global stage at the International Broadcast Convention to unveil two new products that will be helpful to HD content creators and broadcasters.

During the past five years Grass Valley’s LDK 6000 HD camera has become a mainstay in live event high-definition production but the company will cease production of the 6000 model in October to make way for the LDK 8000, a revamped version of the LDK lineup that will suit the needs of content creators looking to shoot in 1080p resolution.

“It can output 1080p/50 frames-per-second and 1080p/60 frames-per-second via dual-link SDI connectors,” says Jeff Rosica, Grass Valley SVP, worldwide marketing and technology.

By being able to shoot in either 50 or 60 frames per second a single camera can meet the needs of both U.S. and European broadcasters that have differing transmission frame rates. The new camera also has 14-bit A-to-D sampling and 24-bit resolution DSP and it will be available in the fourth quarter beginning at $116,000.

Richard Everitt, Grass Valley product manager, HDTV cameras, says the trick was to take the 6000 camera, which has been around for nearly five years, and update the design.

“It may look like the 6000 but it’s very different on the inside,” he says. “We increased the data speeds to handle 1080p/60 while leaving us room to add a Super Slow-motion function sometime next year.” The camera also has improved sensitivity by half an f-stop and signal-to-noise ratio by 1 dB, two steps to improve picture quality in challenging shooting situations.

Meanwhile, Jos Timmermans, product manager, wireless HD cameras, says Grass Valley’s wireless HD system will use MPEG2000 compression to deliver HD signals wirelessly at up to 80 Mbps. “Our system has applications suitable for studio and stadium environments,” he says. Line-of-site transmission can reach up to 150 yards while data boosters can increase that to 800 yards. Expect the new system to be shipping in the first quarter for about $120,000.