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Grand Rapids Stations Share

The Grand Rapids stations WOOD (LIN), WWMT (Freedom) and WZZM (Gannett) launch a news sharing arrangement July 13. According to the WOOD Website, "photographers will cover pre-planned stories, such as news conferences, court appearances, ground breakings and other scheduled news events. News directors or assignment editors will agree on which events will be covered by the pool. The footage will be shared with all three stations."

The pooling frees up resources to chase down stations' signature stories.

"This agreement will allow WOOD TV8 to expand our news and still protect the uniqueness and high quality of content that our viewers have come to expect," said WOOD President/General Manager Diane Kniowski.

The three will continue to operate independently in all other areas of their businesses.
WOOD is the revenue leader in the #39 DMA, according to BIA Financial. Tribune's Fox outlet WXMI is not part of the arrangement.