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Graden takes over VH1 programming

MTV: Music Television programming whiz Brian Graden is adding slumping sister network VH1 to his

Graden emerged as the likely candidate to head VH1's programming after MTV
Music Networks president Judy McGrath took it over two months ago.

Don't look for a spinoff of The Osbournes any time soon.

"Lightning doesn't strike twice. I don't suspect we'll be following a rocker
family every week on VH1," said Graden, whose new title is president of
entertainment for MTV and VH1.

He prefers to create a hit and move on.

One South Park (which he executive-produced at Comedy Central) and one
of MTV's Jackass were enough for him.

Graden will need to craft smart new shows to replace aging hits like
Behind the Music.

In the past year, VH1's prime time Nielsen Media Research ratings have hovered between 0.2
and 0.3, and several new series, like Late World with Zach, have failed to
draw an audience.

He may look to abandon VH1's theme-night scheduling in favor of multiple
plays of new shows.

"It's less about building nights, more about creating great shows," he

VH1's newly appointed executive vice president and general manager, Christina Norman, heads daily operations,
marketing and promotions.

Executive VP of programming Fred Graver is staying on as
executive producer.