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GOPs telcom trio


Three familiar Washington faces are acting as telecommunications advisers to Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush: AT & T Senior Vice President and General Counsel Jim Cicconi, FCC Commissioner Michael Powell and former FCC Chairman and Wiley, Rein & Fielding founder Dick Wiley. All are providing advice and counsel to the campaign, although telecommunications policy so far is low on the priority list. Sources say Powell is definitely on Bush's radar screen as an up-and-comer, with at least the FCC chairmanship in Powell's future, should Bush win.

Meanwhile, the Gore campaign is well stocked with telecommunications experts in addition to the VP himself. USTA President and former Gore Chief of Staff Roy Neel took a leave of absence to work for the campaign, as did former domestic-policy adviser and telecommunications counsel Greg Simon, who runs his own consulting firm in Washington when he's not stumping for the VP.