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Google's Key Word: Video

As widely expected, Google said Friday it is raising its profile in the Internet video content delivery business with a new searchabe video archive.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Friday, the search engine unveiled the Google Video Store at, where surfers will be able to buy or rent videos, including new CBS content--CSI, Survivor--as well as video from cable nets, various programmers and independent filmmakers.

Like other Google features, the content will be accessible via keyword searches.

In addition to new CBS series and NBA match-ups, the archive will contain some classic boomer fare, like a couple of the Star Trek spin-offs (Deep Space Nine and Voyager), ILove Lucy, Brady BunchTwilight Zone, MacGyver, Mannix and My Three Sons.

According to programming partner CBS, the content will also include shows from top noncom producer WGBH, Trinity Broadcasting, Blue Highways TV, CareTALK, Fashion TV, Here! TV, HDNet, Hilarious Picks, Image Entertainment,, Kantola Productions, MediaZone, Plum TV, Porchlight Entertainment, SOFA Entertainment, Teen Kids and Wheels TV.

The content can be viewed with a free downloadable media player.

Google is just the latest Internet company that wants to be a media player itself.  Yahoo! also last week announced it was getting into the video business, and Apple is widely expected to announce some TV-related news this week.

Yahoo! Go TV, formally unveiled by Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel in a speech Friday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, will allow users who download new Yahoo! software and link their PC to a TV to search, find and view Internet videos on their television; easily view digital photos on their TV set; access My Yahoo! personalized information and services; search for movie show times through Yahoo! Movies; and use their PC as a personal video recorder.--Glen Dickson contributed to this report.