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Google Revenues Continue To Roll

Google reported Q2 results Thursday, posting revenues of $2.46 billion, a jump of 77% compared to the same quarter last year and a 9% increase from Q1 2006.

Google's net income for the second quarter was $721 million, a rise from $592 million in the first quarter.  

Google-owned sites generated revenues of $1.43 billion, or 58% of total revenues, a 94% increase over
second quarter 2005 revenues of $737 million. The search giant's partner sites generated revenues of $997 million, or 41% of total revenues, through Google's AdSense programs, a 58% jump over partner-generated revenues from last year.

Google's traffic acquisitions costs, the portion of revenues it shares with partners, increased to $785 million, compared to $723 in the first quarter. But the company said that traffic acquisition costs as a percentage of revenues remained flat, at 32%.