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Good News Plays Well With Others

Viewers tire of hearing about all the crime in Chicago, prompting some stations to dig up positive news. WMAQ has been doing “Making a Difference” segments for five years. “Viewers look for good-news stories,” David Doebler, WMAQ president and general manager, said. “Those balance out the tough stuff.”

WLS has “Chicago Proud” segments, with John Idler, president and general manager, mentioning a desire among viewers to see stories they can feel good about. Positive stories have always been a part of WLS coverage, he said, but they started to stand out when they were delivered under the “Proud” banner.

WLS stories include an elementary school in Hyde Park that’s getting a new ball field, thanks to a grant from Major League Baseball, and a South Side high school that sends its seniors off with pillows, towels and other essentials for college.

Over on WMAQ, there was a story on a teen girl who put on a Beauty and the Beast play to raise money for a child with cancer and an art gallery that makes jewelry out of chipped wall murals, raising money for the homeless.

WMAQ calls itself “Your home for positive, inspiring stories in the Chicago area.”