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Genachowski Nom Welcomed...If Not Yet Official

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Although Barack Obama’s transition team has not officially confirmed that tech policy advisor and formal digital media executive Julius Genachowski will be the FCC chairman designate, response to the anticipated nomination continues to pour in, most of it extremely positive.

“If Julius Genachowski is nominated as the next Chairman of the FCC, I am optimistic he will make a good leader," said Randolph May, president of think tank The Free State Foundation and former FCC associate general counsel. “His prior business world experience, especially in enterprises intimately connected to the digital revolution, should prove valuable in fostering his understanding of the dynamism of the communications and information services marketplace.

“And his prior experience serving in a senior position at the FCC should prove equally valuable in fostering his appreciation of the need to promote the institutional expertise and integrity of the Commission."

Motion Picture Association of America Chairman Dan Glickman, like Genachowski a former Clinton administration member, called him a great choice: "His expertise in business and technology make him well-suited to lead the commission in this era of ever-changing technology. We look forward to working with Mr. Genachowski on the telecommunications issues important to both consumers and the creators of television and motion picture content.”

And from the Hill: "The reported selection of Julius Genachowski as the next chairman of the FCC represents the dawning of a new day for an agency that for the past eight years has wrongly imposed policies that favor media consolidation and corporate favoritism over policies that would broaden media diversity," said New York Democratic Rep. Maurice Hinchey.  "I am confident that Mr. Genachowski will breathe new life into the FCC and help reverse the ill effects of media consolidation that the Bush administration has forced upon the American people.”

Added Hinchey, "In the ever-changing world of media technology, the United States needs an FCC that can establish and administer policies that are fair and ensure that every American has access to as many different sources of media as possible. A well-informed public that can hold its government accountable is critical to our nation's ability to thrive as a democracy.  I'm confident that President-elect Obama's choice for the next FCC commissioner will help our country achieve that goal."