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Gemstar Broadens Licensing Deal with Philips

Electronic programming guide supplier Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. has signed a new patent license agreement with Philips Electronics. The deal allows Philips, one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in Europe, to use some of Gemstar-TV Guide’s Interactive Program Guide (IPG) technology in certain products designed for the European market including TVs, recorders and retail set-top boxes.

This new pact also modifies and extends Philips’ existing technology license for the Gemstar’s IPG in the United States and Europe, and other regions where Gemstar-IPG technology becomes available, excluding Japan.
Philips has licensed the Gemstar IPG since early 2003, and has also used the company's VCR Plus technology dating back to the early '90's. Details of the multi-year deal were not disclosed.
"For us, this deal further signifies the strength of our Company’s intellectual property in Europe,”said Mike McKee, chief operating officer of Gemstar-TV Guide and president, IPGs, in a statement.