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Gearing up for daytime Link

Just when it appeared the Weakest Link
advertising blitz was over—get ready for more Weakest Link
ads to hit the airwaves. These, though, will be for the new syndicated version.

Last week, NBC Enterprises executives gave stations signed up for the daytime version of the quiz show a taste of what's to come as the studio gears up for the syndicated launch on Jan. 7.

There will be plenty of Weakest Link
one-liners like "Whose traffic light is stuck on red?" and "Who here is all bun and no burger?" in the nearly two-month-long marketing campaign designed to get the show attention at the local-station level.

The one-liners, made famous by host Anne Robinson in the UK and on NBC's prime time version, will be delivered by the show's syndication host, George Gray. Gray, the former host of The Learning Channel's Junkyard Wars, has taken over Robinson's gig and apparently her all-black wardrobe as well.

Gray and company have already taped more than 20 episodes of Weakest Link, which will feature six contestants (the prime time version has eight) in a shortened half-hour format. The promotional campaign kicks off this week and features everything from TV and radio spots to merchandise and Web sites. The campaign has several stages. The initial phase, called "Obsessed," highlights how popular the prime time game has become.

"The strategy for the campaign is simple, since we have a show that is already a proven winner," says John Miller, head of NBC's in-house advertising division. "We simply need to let the viewer know it will be on five days a week, which got us to the line, 'Five days of Weak.'"

Most of the campaign will feature the "Five days of Weak" slogan, rather than the familiar Robinson line, "You are the weakest link, goodbye." And there will be plenty more like "Whose tree of knowledge is out of fruit?" when the show launches in syndication.