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Gatorade Tops All-Star Plugs

Forget slugging percentage. For Nielsen, the key was glugging percentage.

Sports drink Gatorade won the battle of the brands at the Major League Baseball All-Star game on July 12.

That's according to Nielsen's Scorecard service, which measures brand exposure, signage, logos, etc., in televised sports venues.

Gatorade got a staggering-sounding 212.2 million impressions with viewers 18 and over, according to Nielsen. That's thanks to an ad behind home plate in the second inning, as well as Gatorade towels, cups and coolers in the player dugouts.

That 212.2 million total impressions was for 9 minutes and 55 seconds worth of exposure during the game.
Budweiser was second at 189.1 million impressions, followed by Chevrolet at 168.9 million, Pepsi (139.8), and SBC (88.6).

Not surprisingly, the best place to get noticed was signage behind home plate (506.1 million impressions).

Scorecard was launched in July 2004 (at  the 2004 MLB All-Star game) and boasts over 30 clients including auto racing, baseball, basketball, tennis, and football.

The winner of last year's All-Star game, at least in the impressions department, was Taco Bell.