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Gannett Expands Yahoo Pact at Stations

Gannett will expand its local advertising partnership with Yahoo to all 19 of its TV markets by February.

The pact "brings together Gannett's powerful local media organization brands, sales solutions, and digital platforms with Yahoo's market leading reach and display advertising leadership," said Gannett in a statement.

Gannett and Yahoo announced a sales partnership for seven Gannett TV markets in July 2010. Nine of Gannett's TV markets currently feature the Yahoo pact, and all 81 of Gannett's local publishing organizations offer Yahoo advertising as part of their integrated marketing services.

"We're focused on delivering strong results for our customers through unique marketing ideas and solutions," said Dave Lougee, president, Gannett Broadcasting. "Gannett's local advertising partnership with Yahoo provides dynamic targeting based on geography, demographics, behaviors and interests, which enhances our ability to drive those results."

According to Gannett, Yahoo "offers all the elements needed for great advertising today: the science to understand and target an audience, the art to create lasting engagement with consumers through context, and the scale to reach the right person in the right setting in meaningful numbers."

Lem Lloyd, Yahoo's VP of North America channel sales, said "Yahoo is committed to making sure local businesses reach high-quality target audiences."