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FX’s ‘Snowfall’ Passes the Sniff Test and Alcohol Advertisers Reap the Rewards

Ever since Breaking Bad’s Walter White showed viewers that anyone can become a kingpin, many have been waiting for the next gripping TV tale of triumph in the drug underworld. Now, thanks to the FX crime drama Snowfall, which details the infancy of the L.A. crack cocaine epidemic in 1983, the wait is over.

It’s had a strong start (see "FX's ‘Snowfall’ Garners Strong Premiere Ratings") and across the seven episodes that have aired since the July 5 premiere, the show has captured the hearts of passionate fans, with 22% of all emotionally charged tweets conveying love, according to emotion analytics company Canvs. Viewers also expressed enjoyment (18.9%), excitement (14.9%) and craziness (10.6%).

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@SnowfallFX my new fave show

— Theboy_Miles (@Theboy_Miles) July 27, 2017

What sort of advertisers have been benefitting from backing this edgy, druggy drama? We turned to TV ad intel company, which measures attention and conversion analytics using data gathered directly from 10 million smart TVs, for some insight.

Over the course of the first seven episodes, ads running during the program registered a healthy average view rate (AVR) of 93.65% (view rate is the percentage of an ad that, on average, was viewed across all airings of that ad).

But most notably, one of the industries that’s been particularly benefitting from the drug-fueled drama is the alcoholic beverages sector. So far, Jose Cuervo has registered an AVR of 99.27%, while Corona Extra, Jagermeister, and Coors Light have also capitalized on Snowfall, all with AVRs above 97%.

No matter what your vice may be, this addictive show gets you feeling some kind of way—and alcohol marketers seem to have found the perfect vehicle for getting viewers to stay tuned to their brand messaging.