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FX gets political with Candidate

FX is on a hunt for a few good men and women to run for president.

An upcoming reality series, American Candidate, will seek out
undiscovered political talent with presidential aspirations.

The series, created by documentarian R.J. Cutler and Austin Powers
director Jay Roach, will follow 100 potential candidates, selected from a pool
of applicants, vying to be selected as the candidate.

FX is not funding the campaigns, just providing a platform, said spokesman
John Soldberg, likening the opportunity to that of Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.
"[He] became governor because he had popularity based on awareness built by
television," Soldberg added.

Candidates will be responsible for their own fund-raising.

Production is slated to begin in early 2003 and debut in January 2004,
finishing just in time for the winner to make a run for president, if they