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Future Perfect

NAB is a treasure trove of state-of-the-art inventions. Attendees are wowed by the cost savings of a new transmitter, enamored of a slick editing system. But such ROI wizardry pales next to traffic and sales automation. Put a traffic system in place and enjoy smoother on-air operations, fewer make-goods for advertisers, and more-streamlined operations.

And that's just on the traffic side.

On the sales side, the right tools can turn an average sales team into exceptional performers. At worse, they put additional weapons in their sales arsenal. No good sales lead need be ignored again. In addition, today's data-mining capabilities promise accurate sales forecasts. For general managers and financial planners, these invaluable tools make sure revenues meet their target.

On the following pages, Broadcasting & Cable examines some of the new traffic and sales systems that will be the pride of the NAB. The feature sets are richer, the databases are deeper, and the system response times are faster.

  • Encoda's Version 4 Boosts Station Efficiency, Flexibility
  • Harris Automation System Yields Big Savings
  • Marketron's Databases Promise Speed, Security
  • OSI Makes Group Sales Easier, More Accurate
  • OmniBus System Grows As Stations' Needs Expand
  • VCI Makes Sales Team Proactive, Competitive