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Funny or Die Enters Video-Game Arena

Or Die Networks, which operates video sites Funny or Die and Eat Drink or Die, among others, is launching a new site geared towards gamers, Pwn or Die.

The goal is to make the site a sort of video “hub” for gamers of all levels, featuring viewer-generated video content alongside videos from many of the top video-game publishers themselves.

Pwn or Die has deals with Activision, Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts and THQ to host their video content.

In addition, Pwn or Die will have crews covering the major events in the industry, showcasing gamers and companies.

"Given the tremendous impact of the video-game industry on the Web, the Or Die Networks would not be complete without a site dedicated to gaming," said Dick Glover, CEO of Or Die Networks, in a statement. "Like Funny or Die, we have established a great destination for game enthusiasts of all levels and interests to be entertained and engaged on a daily basis. It is also a site where developers, manufacturers, bloggers and everyone else associated with gaming can find and break news, information, commentary and entertainment around and about their favorite gaming community.”