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FTC Targets Bogus Bracelet

Broadcast and cable outlets are on notice that infomercials for the "Balance Bracelet" have gotten a thumbs-down from the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC has filed a complaint against Media Maverick Inc. in federal district court in Los Angeles for making false and unsubstantiated pain relief claims for its pain relief  bracelet. The company, which hawks the $79.90 "electro-polarized" c-shaped metal bracelet via 30-minute TV infomercials, claims it relieves joint, muscle and injury-related pains by reducing the amount of static electricity in the body, thus restoring the body's "natural inonic balance."

The FTC counters that there is no scientific evidence to back its claims.

The commission wants the court to enjoin the company and its principals from asserting such claims, plus make it pay restitution and court costs.

The FTC last year filed a complaint against the marketers of the similar Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet. That case is still pending, though the defendents agreed to stop making the claims while the case was being decided.

The FTC has been encouraging broadcast and cable outlets to more actively screen health-claim ads.