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FTC has negative response to Levey

TV stations and cable systems need to check those program logs to make sure
their infomercials still pass muster.

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint in a California District
Court charging veteran TV infomercial marketer Michael Levey (Positive Response
Marketing) with violating a 1993 cease-and-desist order that had stemmed from
allegations of deceptive infomercials for its "EuroTrym Diet Patch," "Foliplexx"
hair-loss system, "Y-Bron" impotence treatment and "Magic Wand" kitchen

Levey was prohibited from making future unsubstantiated claims or using
deceptive endorsements and demonstrations, but the FTC said he and others have
since made false claims and faked testimonials for weight-loss products "Zynex,"
"MillinexES" and "Serotril," all containing ephedra.

The FTC -- which has been cracking down on the deceptive marketing of dietary
aids -- is seeking civil penalties and consumer redress.

In a related action, the FTC settled with two marketers of ephedra-based
dietary supplements.

In that case, Health Laboratories of North America and USA Pharmacal Sales
Inc. have promised to stop making false and deceptive ad claims; to include
warnings about the health risks of ephedra and other products; and to pay
$370,000 in consumer redress.