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Friars Club To Honor Woodruff and Dozier

In a toast rather than a roast, the Friars Club will offer a "special tribute" to ABC anchor Bob Woodruff and CBS correspondent Kimberly Dozier at its annual--since 2002--salute to New York News Legends Tuesday night (Oct. 10).

Woodruff and Dozier are still recovering from injuries sustained while covering the war in Iraq.

They will be recognized for "courageous professionalism which serves as a reminder of the risks reporters take every day in pursuit of the truth. Some 80 journalists have died in Iraq since the war began.

Dozier has written a note to be read at the event. She is rehabbing in New Zealand and is not expected back in the states until sometime next year. She will then face two more surgeries and some more rehab time after that, according to a CBS News spokeswoman.

Dozier was critically injured by a car bomb May 29 (Memorial Day) while in Baghdad.

CBS News veterans Paul Douglas, a cameraman, and James Brolan, a soundman, were both killed when the bomb exploded near where they were working with Dozier. They were traveling with a U.S. Army convoy for a story about how Memorial Day was just another day in the war.

Coincidentally, a memorial service is being held for Brolan in London Wednesday (Oct. 11).

ABC correspondent John Berman will be accepting the award for Woodruff, who will be in London for Brolan the memorial service.

Woodruff is back in the office "a lot" these days, said an ABC News spokesperson. He is planning eventually to report for ABC News on his injury and recovery, but not anytime soon, said the spokesperson, saying he still has some outpatient rehab.
In addition to the two special awards, the Friars are honoring a number of New York news mainstays. Brian Williams is getting the Lifetime Achievement Award from the group, receiving it from two news legends and club members Walter Cronkite and Mike Wallace.

Also being honored with "Legend" awards are Roz Abrams of WCBS-TV, Joel Siegel of good Morning America, Rosana Scotto of Fox News 5, N.J. Burkett of WABC-TV, Mr. G of WPIX-TV and Jane Hanson of WNBC-TV.

The Friars Club started honoring newsfolk as a way to diversify their image as a club for comedians, pointing out that they have political figures and newsmen members as well, the latter including the late Edward R. Murrow.