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FremantleMedia called for clip

Thames Television is taking a digital take on video-clip shows.

The U.K. production arm of FremantleMedia has teamed up with Digi-Clip TV to
create The World's Funniest Digi-Clips, which will give would-be Woody
Allens and Lorne Michaels the chance to showcase their work.

The show will compile comedy sketches and short films submitted by viewers
and hosted by a 'high-profile' presenter.

While it will emphasize delivery of MPEG-formatted (Moving Picture Expert
Group) video over the Internet, it will accept traditional video formats, as

'With the advance of home recording and editing facilities, would-be
scriptwriters now have the opportunity to create and film fresh material,
digitally edit it on their home PCs and send the results directly to a TV
outlet, 'executive producer Liam Hamilton said, 'which really does make the
public the stars of their own show.'

FremantleMedia hopes to sell the format worldwide.