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Free State Foundation Turns 15

(Image credit: Free State Foundation)

The Free State Foundation will celebrate its 15th anniversary at an in-person luncheon event at the National Press Club in Washington Oct. 15.

The event will be circumscribed by the Press Club's COVID-19 guidelines and precautions.

That means that all the in-person attendees and participants must either have to have been vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID test in the previous 72 hours.

Free State, headed by Randolph May, has been a leading voice for free market-based communications policies.

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Speakers include a Republican-only lineup of current and former FCC commissioners (commissioners from both parties were asked), including Brendan Carr and Nathan Simington, as well as former commissioner Michael O'Rielly and Deborah Lathen, former chief of the since re-named Cable Bureau.

There will also be a tribute video featuring a bipartisan host of current and former top D.C. policymakers and implementers including former FCC chairs Richard Wiley, Mark Fowler, William Kennard, Michael Powell and Ajit Pai and former commissioners Henry Rivera, Harold Furchgott-Roth, Kathleen Abernathy, Meredith Baker and Robert McDowell.