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Free Press Mobilizes Against the FCC

Free Press, the anti-big media activist group, is looking to capitalize on the controversy swirling around ABC's Path to 9-11 by asking its Web army to complain to the FCC.

In an e-mail alert it asked that complaints about the program be sent to the FCC as comments about it's broadcast ownership rule re-write.

The FCC in June began reviewing its ownership rules and has asked the public for comment, which were stayed and remanded by a a court with instructions to better justify them.

Democrats have been highly and vocally critical of the ABC show and what they say are its inaccurate portrayals of Clinton administration inaction against Osama Bin Laden.

In an alert to members on Friday Free Press, which has used the Internet as a powerful political tool, sent out an e-mail asking Internet users to "Hit Disney Where it Hurts," and linked that to the following online message:

"ABC's plan to air an inaccurate 9-11 "docu-drama" has ignited public outrage, but the problem of political manipulation will remain unless more people act now to stop media giants from become even more powerful.

"The FCC is poised to give companies like Disney even more power over our airwaves. The public needs to speak up now to tell the FCC to stop conglomerates like Disney from gobbling up more local media and setting the agenda. Now's your chance to tell Disney and the FCC that Big Media is big enough.

"Note: Information filed on this form will be publicly available, as FCC comments are considered a matter of public record. The FCC does not accept comments from outside the United States. Comments are due November 21."