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Franken Campaign Seeks Money For Legal Fight

The campaign of former Saturday Night Live writer/performer and liberal radio talk host Al Franken is asking supporters for money to help pay for the continuing court battle over the Senate seat Franken won in a squeaker over incumbent Republican Norm Coleman, who is contesting the election.

Coleman has rested his case in the legal challenge to Franken's victory-
it's now Franken's turn-and Franken's campaign is telling supporters they can't rest.

"Coleman's legal team has made it clear that if they don't get this court to overturn our victory, they'll appeal until they find one that will," the Franken campaign said in an e-mail solicitation Tuesday, asking for $25, $50, $100 "or whatever you can afford."

Coleman was ahead in the initial vote count, but Franken overtook him by 225 votes in the recount. Franken declared victory and said he was ready to serve, but Coleman filed suit, saying there were inconsistencies with the Canvassing Board's tally, including the failure to count some absentee ballots. Franken was not seated with the rest of the Senate in January because of that ongoing legal challenge.