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Frank supports EchoStar-DirecTV merger

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) supports the proposed merger of EchoStar
Communications Corp. and Hughes Electronics Corp., he told constituents in a
letter dated May 16.

"Based on my analysis, both as a matter of national antitrust policy and in
terms of the impact I believe it will have on people I represent, especially in
Southeastern Massachusetts, I support the merger," Frank wrote.

Frank long has been a voice in Congress against rising cable rates, and he
believes the merger will help to combat rate increases.

"The current system has cable companies acting as a de facto monopoly in most
places. Consumers deserve a competitive alternative, and I believe a combined DBS [direct-broadcast satellite]
provider would be just that," Frank wrote.

Finally, Frank said the merger will produce increased competition in the
high-speed Internet market.