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Fox's Stacked Gets Blog Blitz

Fox is looking to generate some blog buzz for its newest series.

The network is working with an old friend and a relatively new free Weblog service, Friendster (, to promote, Stacked, a sitcom starring Pamela Anderson (it's about a book store, nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Cast and crew members have all been given Friendster profiles and personal blogs that will include behind the scenes info and images from the making of the show. Friendster allows users to share online journals and digital photo albums.

Given that the show doesn't even debut until next week (April 13 at 8:30), an optimistic Fox is billing it as a look at "What it takes to create a hit show."

Fox and Friendster have friendly ties beyond the Internet.

The blog service is run by former broadcasting and cable exec Scott Sassa (NBC,TNT, Fox), who helped Jamie Kellner launch the Fox network when he was VP, new business development, back in 1986-87.