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Fox's Daddy Doesn't Draw Crowd

Fox's much-maligned Who's Your Daddy reality special was no match for "Who's your top college-football team?" -- the Nokia Sugar Bowl Monday night -- or Fear Factor on NBC, or Still Standing on CBS, for that matter.

All the controversy surrounding the show, which paid a woman $100,000 for the privilege of having to choose her real birth father from among eight possibilities, wasn't enough to drive many of the curious to the spectacle. since she wound up picking correctly, she and Fox and viewers were spared the sight of the teary-eyed woman investing all that emotional energy in the wrong dad.

CBS was the top network for the night, with a 5.5 rating/14 share average, primarily on the strength of new outings of sitcoms Raymond, Two & a Half Men and CSI Miami. NBC was a close second with a 5.3/13 for Fear Factor; Las Vegas; which had a strong second place at 9-10 with a 5.3/12; and the premiere of Medium, which ran a strong second to CSI at 10.

ABC was third with a 4.6/11 for the game, in which Auburn completed an undefeated season and staked some claim to the top spot, though the actual BCS Champion will be decided Tuesday night between USC and Oklahoma.

Fox came in fourth with a 2.2/5 for Daddy and a repeat of  That 70's Show. As is the case with most reality "payoff" shows--ones where there is a "reveal" of somekind at the end--Daddy built steadily toward the unveiling, from a 1.8/5 in its first half hour, to a 2.2/6 its second, to a 2.9/7 for its third and last.

UPN came in fifth with a 1.5/4 for new episodes of One on One, Half & Half, Girlfriends, and Second Time Around. The WB was sixth with a 1.0/2 for repeats of 7th Heaven and Everwood.