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Fox Sports debuts new channel

Almost one year after Fox Sports announced plans for an action-sports channel,
the venture now has a name and launch date.

The channel, Fuel, is slated to launch Tuesday, July 1, with about 2 million
subscribers on DirecTV Inc., Time Warner Cable and Cable One Inc.

General manager David Sternberg said the network "is a big bet on a very
strong future trend on sports participation and sports viewing in this country
and in our culture."

Fuel will target young male viewers 12 through 24 with extreme sports like
snowboarding and wakeboarding.

While much of the content will be pretaped, there will be some live
competition. Fuel is working with IMG, for example, to license rights to the
Association of Surfing Professionals.

The channel will also have some music and lifestyle programming.

Fuel may share some programming with Fox Sports, like Fox's new 54321
action-sports highlight show.

Programming vice president C.J. Olivares said Fuel may also look to license
second windows to programming, like the Gravity Games, which air first on NBC.

As for the name, Olivares said, Fuel communicates "the power, the passion and
the depth of these sports and the influence they play in youth