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Fox Sports Commits to HD

Fox Sports said Wednesday that beginning in the third quarter, it will present much of its live event programming in high-definition, specifically the 720p high-definition format it said is superior.

The network said a schedule has yet to be set, but probably will include weekly NFL coverage and Major League Baseball, including the World Series. Next year's Super Bowl and the Daytona 500 will be also in HD.

David Hill, Fox Sports Television Group chairman, says the 720p format will show its strengths against 1080, which is used by CBS and NBC. "The common misperception in our industry is that 1080i is the better high-definition system because it provides more lines of resolution," he says. "However, I am truly convinced that 720p is the far superior format and our viewers are going to love all three of our sports and their signature events broadcast in this system."