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Fox Reviewing Tara Reid-Starrer

Think The Simple Life meets Curb Your Enthusiasm.

That's the premise of a comedy series in development that would star Hollywood bad-girl Tara Reid.

Jonathan Prince's Once a Frog Inc. production company and Warner Bros are collaborating on the project, which is under review by Fox.

Prince is executive producer and Reid will have a role in producing the show.

It's a 180-degree shift for Prince, executive producer of American Dreams -- a "family-friendly" show in its third season on NBC that's got a stellar reputation with blue-chip advertisers that sometimes shy away from programs with explicit sexual content.

The new show is "way out there," says Prince, who's enjoying the chance to explore another side of his creative spirit. "Tara is a force of nature."

One of Reid's biggest claims to fame is a November 2004 wardrobe malfunction on a red carpet outside a New York night club. The paparazzi went wild when a "wardrobe malfunction" exposed Reid's left breast.
The pilot's script covers what's essentially an intervention to persuade Reid to shed some of her bad-girl ways. If the series goes into production, Reid would proceed on a journey chronicling her efforts to stay out of trouble.