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Fox Nation’s Sean Hannity Program Starts Jan. 30

Fox Nation, the new subscription streaming service from Fox News, debuts the Sean Hannity weekday show Hannity On Air Jan. 30. Hannity On Air will feature a livestream of Sean Hannity’s monologue from his radio program The Sean Hannity Show. The program, shot at Hannity’s radio studio in New York, will be available for download weekdays after 3 p.m. ET.

Fox Nation launched Nov. 27. It sells for $5.99 monthly or $64.99 yearly.

“We could not be more thrilled to have Sean host his own program on Fox Nation,” said John Finley, senior VP of development and production at Fox News. “He has undoubtedly made a permanent mark in the media landscape as a prominent host in both television and talk radio, and we are looking forward to our subscribers receiving exclusive content from him.”

Hannity has been with Fox News Channel since it began in 1996. His show Hannity recently marked ten years.

Hannity has hosted the radio show since 2001.

“I am passionate about my monologues and can’t wait to give the people more,” he said. “Thank you to my loyal followers for making me the most-watched show in all of cable, and one of the top talk radio programs in the country.”