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Fox Gets Full House for Republican Debate

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was the first candidate to officially announce that he will participate in the Republican debate Sept. 5, but the rest of the field will be there, too.

While McCain was the first to make it official in an announcement from his campaign office Friday, Stephen DeMaura, executive director of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, which is co-sponsoring the debate, told B&C, "All of the candidates have given us their commitments.”

"It's a privilege to campaign in the first-in-the-nation state," McCain said in accepting the invitation. "I look forward to returning to New Hampshire and showing voters why I am the most experienced candidate and prepared to lead this country forward on day one."

The debate will be held at the University of New Hampshire.

The turnout in New Hampshire is in stark contrast to a Democratic debate Fox intended to hold in Nevada in conjunction with the Democratic party there. Initially scheduled for Aug. 14, the debate had to be scrapped after Democratic candidates, led by John Edwards, then the Nevada party itself pulled out of the debate.