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Fox Gambles on Burnett’s Casino

Reality maven Mark Burnett is producing unscripted drama The Casino for Fox. According to Fox executive VP of alternate programming Mike Darnell, Burnett will create 13 episodes of the show planned for summer 2004.

The show will follow the new owners of Las Vegas’s Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino Timothy Poster and Thomas Breitling. The pair bought the casino with money they earned from the 2000 sale of their Internet travel agency Expedia.

Burnett will capture the daily dramas and challenges that will confront Poster and Breitling as they try to turn the Golden Nugget back into a resort where visitors can experience old-time Vegas glamour.

"We will watch [Poster and Breitling] take a seat at the table of the world's most exciting businesses as they take over one of the most legendary of all Las Vegas casinos," Burnett said. "We researched the Vegas landscape and found Tim and Tom to be very charismatic characters and their journey to be the most personal and dramatic story," said Conrad Riggs, Burnett's production partner.

Riggs and Jamie Bruce will co-executive produce, while Burnett Productions' Kevin Harris will serve as supervising producer.