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Fox Family workers are in limbo

Fox Family Channel will become ABC Family effective this Saturday, but the
outlook for hundreds of Fox Family Worldwide employees is less clear.

Sources say Disney's new $5.2 billion acquisition will
change its logo and name starting Nov. 10.

The network is getting an interim logo, and programming details are still being worked out, though sources say many of those changes won't take place until January, when the network is re-launched with a national media/marketing campaign.

Over 500 Fox Family Worldwide employees are still
waiting to hear whether they will be employed by new owner Disney. Sources say
Disney executives are currently interviewing all Fox Family employees about
potential positions within ABC Family, but there are not expected to be many

ABC Family is going to re-purpose a lot of Disney and ABC programming, with little original fare.

Marketing, sales and other behind-the-scenes positions
will likely be folded into current Disney areas.

It is unclear what role, if any, Fox Family Channel head Maureen Smith will
have at ABC Family, though Disney officials have said they want Smith and other
top Fox Family Channel executives to remain on at the new network.

Both Disney and Fox Family Channel executives had no comment.

Original Family Channel owner Pat Robertson's daily series, 700 Club, is expected to continue airing
three times daily under the new ABC Family banner.

Fox Family's 25 Days of Christmas , a three-year-old tradition of 25 straight days of holiday-themed programming, will air as scheduled Dec. 1-Dec. 25 on ABC Family. - John Eggerton